Monument Academy, D38 School Boards unanimously vote to endorse 4A

Following a unanimous vote by the Monument Academy Board of Directors and the Lewis-Palmer School District 38 Board of Education, both bodies agreed to a joint resolution publicly supporting the 2022 MLO — Ballot Issue 4A — to improve teacher and support staff pay across the entire district. 

The Monument Academy Board of Directors finalized a joint resolution in support of ballot issue 4A at a special meeting on October 13th. The Lewis-Palmer School District 38 Board of Education then held a special meeting on October 17th during which all five directors agreed to the joint resolution. 

Heading into November, both MA and D38 school boards have officially signaled their unanimous support for the Mill Levy Override, which would be dedicated to teacher and support staff pay, and exclude administrator pay increases.

“I am 100% supportive of the 2022 MLO. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s past time that we’ve done this,” said Chris Taylor, president of the D38 Board of Education. “It’s never easy to ask for an increase in taxes. As an individual, I don’t like paying more taxes either. This ask has been well explained, and it is the most common, practical approach.”

Over the spring and through the fall, leaders across the district have engaged in public listening sessions, creating space to understand what the community may support as the district seeks to tackle what many leaders have called the district’s biggest challenge moving forward – teacher and staff compensation, which lags behind the region by about 10% due to low funding.

“There is no question that the additional funding would be well received and provide our incredible teachers and our non-admin staff a financial benefit,” said Ryan Graham, president of the Monument Academy Board of Directors. “This is a good-faith effort for MA and D38 as we seek to grow and develop our partnership.” 

In a recent letter to the community, Board of Education Treasurer Ron Schwarz laid out a cost to the ballot issue, noting a calculator to help voters understand financial impact can be located at

This joint resolution is the latest endorsement of Ballot Issue 4A, after the Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce issued its backing, calling the measure good for a “prosperous business community.”

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