Q&A With D38’s Supervisor of Transportation Julie Abeyta

Q.) You accomplished your first semester leading our Transportation team, and now you’re preparing for your first full year! Would you introduce yourself for those who do not know you yet?

Answer: I am a Colorado native and lived in Monument the past 21 years. I have a husband Troy and four grown kids, all who graduated through D38. They attended Grace Best, Lewis-Palmer Middle School and graduated from Lewis-Palmer High School.

I was a stay at home mother for 15 years, and as I truly enjoy living in Monument and wanted to give back to the school district and community that I had grown to love over the years, I signed on as a bus driver in August of 2010. I drove SPED routes and several regular routes for seven years, and I quickly realized how much I really enjoyed being around the kids and wanted to learn more.

I jumped on an opportunity to become Head Trainer, Student Management Coordinator. Within two years I became the Assistant Supervisor. In January of 2021, I accepted the challenge of becoming the Supervisor of Transportation.

Q.) What are some of your top goals for the upcoming year?

Answer: Our goals for this next year are focused around a safe and consistent service the community and our students can count on. The challenges we will face are related to rising fuel costs, driver shortages and a growing community that we continuously adapt to support.

Q.) Share a bit about the Transportation team – you have some incredible team members!

Answer: Our Transportation team consists of some fantastic employees. Many of whom live in the community they serve, some of whom have been with D38 for more than 30 years. Our team is growing, too. We consistently advertise and recruit new drivers and paraprofessionals to maintain our level of service.

Q.) What is new this year that the Transportation team would like our families to learn about?

Answer: Given our prioritization of routes for our students who ride the bus, we’ve instituted an enrollment deadline, after which point we will be allowing families to sign up for a waiting list. Our yearly fee is set at $230, and the deadline for registration will be on Aug. 3, so we encourage families to sign up for transportation before that time. As part of this, we will be holding the use and purchase of punch cards until September to ensure no routes are overcrowded.

To learn more about any and all Transportation updates, please visit the transportation website here.

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