D38 Elevates: May 2022 Kudos

Welcome to the final edition of the D38 Elevates Kudos series for the 2021-2022 school year. In this series, D38 seeks to highlight the dedicated individuals who help elevate the futures of every student, every day. Our hardworking staff are encouraged to submit one another for nomination by clicking here.

D38 Elevates: May 2022 Kudos

The individuals nominated this month are:

  • Emma Reeve-Lobaugh
  • Melissa Kavanaugh
  • Dennis Coates
  • Darlene McPherson
  • Laine Mayfield
  • Jackie Townsend
  • Aaron Reeve-Lobaugh
  • Chris Kintz
  • Leslie Boyce, Lorrie Bechaver, Sherri Wells & Kelly Kempf-Mobley
  • All Elementary Literacy Coaches & Interventionists
  • Cynthia Eversole
  • Brian Feathers
  • Emily Hluska
  • Kelsey Coonts
  • Teresa Brown
  • Tammy Burr
  • Marie Heaton
  • Anita Schuh
  • Jody Minarick & Danielle Holmes
  • The Kilmer Multi-age Team

Please read on to see each of their submissions.

To Emma Reeve-Lobaugh:

Emma has voluntarily participated this semester in a CDE-sponsored professional training opportunity on creating improved grading systems. Her voice, participation, and teacher leadership help drive student learning forward. Emma is also a participant on Lewis-Palmer High School’s highly effective Instructional Leadership Team.

To Melissa Kavanaugh:

Melissa has voluntarily participated this semester in a CDE-sponsored professional training opportunity on creating improved grading systems. Her voice, participation, and teacher leadership help drive student learning forward.

To Dennis Coates:

Dennis’s leadership with Safety and Security across our District is highly regarded by our staff. Dennis leads a well-trained team and does so with a thoughtful and competent approach. Dennis and his security team members are participating in Capturing Kids’ Hearts training this May in order to further their ability to make positive connections with our students.

To Darlene McPherson:

Darlene played a critical role in the principal interview process at Kilmer Elementary. She was a lead on the team but also worked hours behind the scenes to ensure we had a schedule that allowed each candidate to fully experience Kilmer. Based on what the team has shared, it was a great day for Kilmer and I am thankful for Darlene and the entire interview team for all they did in the interview process.

To Laine Mayfield:

The recent art show put on by Mrs. Mayfield was highly received by students and families in our community. Thank you for your hard work and creativity you have shared with our LPES students.

To Cynthia Eversole:

The talent show at LPES was just excellent. Students were smiling, laughing, and genuinely enjoying watching and supporting their peers. It was so much fun to watch. Our parents in attendance had a blast. Thank you for your efforts in making this happen, Mrs. Eversole.

To Brian Feathers:

Organized our first ever LPMS color run with the help of student council.

To Emily Hluska:

For helping with “Girl’s on the run program” at LPMS!

To Kelsey Coonts:

Volunteering to help out with the LPMS “Girl’s on the run” program.

To Teresa Brown:

For leading the LPMS “Girl’s on the Run” program!

To Jackie Townsend:

Thank you for making the ILOP program (innovative learning opportunities pilot) at PR such a great success! You celebrate your students and bring joy to the classroom everyday! Thanks for the difference you make!

To Aaron Reeve-Lobaugh:

Thank you for the amazing work you do ensuring every student can access learning in your classroom! You have gone above and beyond to make accommodations for students with unique needs! Thanks for the difference you make!

To Chris Kintz:

Thank you for inspiring your staff by showcasing teachers and students who go above and beyond! You recently shared a video of a student with unique needs who was honored to receive a special award in class. The student was filled with joy and was an inspiring example of the important work we do as educators to make a difference in the lives of every student!

To All Elementary Literacy Coaches & Interventionists:

(Camie Dukes, Darlene McPherson, Janna Strahan, Dianna Harris, Lisa DelVecchio, Beth Kenny, Aileen Finnegan, Jen Mueller, Sally Bower, Terri Ogden, Sheri Meleski, Esther Murray, Elizabeth Malone, Hannah Dykes, Kathleen Fulton, Shannon Gross, Kelsey Hobbs, Angie McNett, Virginia Read, Cindy Waldmann) Thank you for all of your amazing support with completing end of year testing of Acadience and NWEA MAP assessments! With your help all testing is complete and students overall made tremendous growth from the beginning of the year!

To The Kilmer Multi-age Team:

(Kristi Priddy, Cecilia Sanchez, Jamie McPartland) Thank you for providing exciting activities that engage our youngest students at high levels! You are implementing the new creative curriculum with your students and they have loved the hands-on work from exploring with balls to observing butterflies! Thanks for the difference you make everyday!

To Tammy Burr:

Thank you for stepping in to provide secretarial support for the Home School Enrichment Academy this month! You have jumped right in and you’ve taken care of everything needed with excellence! You have even helped engage with students at recess! I appreciate all you have done to support!

To Marie Heaton:

Thank you for all you have done to Elevate programming at the Home School Enrichment Program this year! Thank you for your amazing work coordinating the yearbook with students as well as leading our Destination team! You are so appreciated!

To Jody Minarick and Danielle Holmes:

For your support with implementing the new Colorado Graduation Requirements with students. You have ensured that every student, no matter their unique needs, is able to cross the finish line!

To Leslie Boyce, Lorrie Bechaver, Sherri Wells and Kelly Kempf-Mobley:

Thank you all for your support during this assessment season! Because of your support from boxing up assessments to trouble shooting with Pearson, the administration of state assessments went very smoothly! You helped give our students the opportunity to show their learning through this process!

To Anita Schuh:

Thank you for your amazing coordination and planning for the elementary summer school program! You have gone above and beyond creating press passes for students with their pictures and explorer names! Thank you for your creative thinking to plan an engaging summer for students!

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