D38 Elevates: April 2022 Kudos

Welcome to the April edition of the D38 Elevates Kudos series. In this series, D38 seeks to highlight the dedicated individuals who help elevate the futures of every student, every day. Our hardworking staff are encouraged to submit one another for nomination by clicking here.

D38 Elevates: April 2022 Kudos

The individuals nominated this month are (In order of submission):

  • Laurel Bumpus
  • Leah Braaten
  • Libby Malone
  • Marie Heaton
  • D38 Maintenance Team
  • Darlene McPherson
  • Vicki Wood
  • Eric Purdy

Please read on to see each of their submissions.

To Laurel Bumpus:

Palmer Lake Elementary School is lucky to have Laurel Bumpus as their English Language Development teacher. She not only works hard to support the academic success of each of her students, but she also builds relationships with and supports the families that she serves, too. Laurel often hosts homework clubs and even family dinners at the school. Most recently, she is working to support families who are learning English by partnering with the PPLD library to help parents learn to use the library’s language development tools. She arranges these sessions in the evenings so that it works for most families to be able to attend. We are thankful that she has such dedication to her students, family and community. We know it is making a difference in the lives of these families.

To Leah Braaten:

Ms. B is an amazing teacher! She inspires and cultivates a safe place for learning in her classroom. This past week the 5th and 6th grade teachers took the PLES students to High Trails for 3 days. Ms. B took time to understand and learn my daughter’s medical needs to help her have an awesome time at High Trails. She kept her safe and allowed my daughter the time to be independent. We are forever grateful for this experience and for Ms. B!

To Libby Malone:

Thank you Mrs. Malone for supporting our daughter! She advocated for our daughter with medical needs to go to High Trails without needing us to go. This allowed my daughter the opportunity to truly experience camp! We appreciate all you do to continue the High Trails Trip at PLES. Thank you!

To Marie Heaton:

Marie challenges the HSEA middle school students through various authentic experiences. This spring semester, she coached the first HSEA Destination Imagination team. Each member brought their own unique talents to the team and created a short play about a trickster including the creation of costumes and scenery. Through questioning and team reflection, the team refined their performance and learned to work collaboratively to solve various challenges. Thank you, Marie, for giving your heart to the students and providing them with a different opportunity. The HSEA Destination Imagination team took 5th place in the Colorado state competition.

To D38 Maintenance Team:

Thank you to the maintenance team for painting our parking lot so quickly to better accommodate traffic during the road closure in front of LPES.

To Vicki Wood:

Vicki Wood deserves a spotlight and incredible recognition for her commitment to honoring D38 stakeholders and students. From spotlights at Board of Education meetings, to helping stand up the District Art Show and even helping to organize staff recognition at the end of the year, she is a champion for D38.

To Darlene McPherson:

Darlene takes on such a diverse role at Kilmer. She supports MTSS, Learning Zones, Coaching, and even student behavior. She has only been with us for two years, but it seems like twelve. Everything she is involved with at our school gets better with her insights! We are lucky to have her in LP!

To Eric Purdy:

Mr. Purdy did a great job with organizing State testing at PRHS. The process was smooth and well-managed. State testing is a big undertaking and Mr. Purdy made it look easy!

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