Students prepare for emergency readiness

In The News: PRHS Emergency Preparedness Club helps prep region for wildfire readiness

Following devastating wildfires in Boulder County, students in Lewis-Palmer School District 38 are taking action to help prepare fellow students and community members for possible wildfires in El Paso County.

Junior Lauren Coval leads Palmer Ridge High School’s Emergency Preparedness Club, which is comprised of students dedicated to helping mentally and physically prepare for disasters. The club will debut an event on Saturday, April 2, to bring their knowledge into the community.

“I just want people to walk away with a better idea than when they walked in of how to be prepared for a wildfire and how to keep their family safe,” said Coval to KOAA News 5, which featured Coval and Palmer Ridge High School in March.

The club’s adviser Eric Wall, PRHS building manager, will help present at the event, along with experts from the Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management and more with the goal of teaching new skills.

“We’re going to be teaching people how to use a fire extinguisher. It doesn’t work at all like it does on television so it’s important for them to realize some basic things that could potentially save their house or save their life,” said Wall.

Beyond those skills, community members will glean knowledge of where to go during an evacuation, how to be prepared with supplies, understand what to expect in various scenarios and more.

To learn more about the April 2 event, see the flyer below. To watch the entire KOAA report by Mayo Davison, tap here.

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