Bearbotics team crushes first competition in 2 years, earns second place spot

The D38 Bearbotics FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team re-entered the competitive scene for the first time in two years but didn’t miss a beat, earning second place in a regional competition.

In a March event in Flagstaff, Arizona, D38 students came away with the second-highest spot following fierce competition against teams across the Western United States, including seven top Colorado squads.

“We’re very proud of this team of D38 students that took some great ideas on Jan. 8, when the robot game was first revealed, and in just two months, turned them into the most complex, most capable and smartest, most rugged robot Bearbotics has ever built,” said Mike Hinkle, Bearbotics head coach and adviser.

The students who participated in the trip and competition included:

  • Emma Beery (PRHS)
  • Cameron Hinkle (PRHS)
  • Ben Ladau (PRHS)
  • Shayna McHugh (PRHS)
  • David Nguyen (PRHS)
  • Dane Vandenhoek (PRHS)
  • Caleb Lunn (LPHS)
  • Camden Meyers (LPHS)
  • David Nunez (LPHS)
  • Christopher Plauth (LPHS)
  • Keira Griffin (Home School)

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