D38 Elevates: March 2022 Kudos

Welcome to the March edition of the D38 Elevates Kudos series. In this series, D38 seeks to highlight the dedicated individuals who help elevate the futures of every student, every day. Our hardworking staff are encouraged to submit one another for nomination by clicking here.

D38 Elevates: March 2022 Kudos

The individuals nominated this month are (In order of submission):

William Gamache, Margarita Battaglia, Janna Strahan, Emily Torgersen, Debbie Sell, Char Armstrong and Chad Wheat

Please read on to see each of their submissions.

To William Gamache:

Mr. G has worked so hard to revitalize the middle school band program this year – in addition to the three regular bands that meet during school, Mr. G has set up four additional groups that meet after school, as well as creating a beginning band for kids with no experience. He has worked hard to give the kids exposure to musical opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, and always has the time to work with and spend time with his kids, before and after school.

To Margarita Battaglia:

Margarita serves as the Family Liaison and Spanish Interpreter/Translator for the district. The work that she does to partner with our families is an invaluable resource to the district and to each family that she serves. This year she has helped support in an increased capacity by translating all of our many plans and documents needed for our families. She does this with unending care, detail, accuracy and dependability. We appreciate the quality of work she brings to this position because it is built on the solid foundation of relationships that she cultivates with students, staff, and families.

To Janna Strahan:

Janna did a great job leading us through a wonderful self-care PLC! It was both informative as well as an opportunity for staff members to bond!

To Emily Torgersen:

Emily stepped into a role that a teacher vacated in December and it has been an uphill climb, but she keeps coming back and chipping away so that it can be the best opportunity possible for our students! Keep climbing – you’re doing a great job!

To Debbie SELL, Char Armstrong:

Debbie and Char helped plan, organize and execute a successful community event aimed at promoting open conversations about youth mental health. Here is a quote from a community organizer who attended:
“Wanted to get this out before I lost the “glow” of what happened today. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this super organized, super committed group of educators, professionals and community leaders. Today’s event was one of the most impactful and well-coordinated events I’ve ever been involved with (and believe me, I’ve been involved in a ton of special events in this community). I believe we really impacted our youth – their families – and the community at large.”

To Chad Wheat:

Chad (deputy) was nominated by a parent and awarded the El Paso County Sheriff’s Achievement Award Friday March 11 for going above and beyond his normal duties in his commitment to students and the community.

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