D38 Elevates: February 2022 Kudos

Welcome to the February edition of the D38 Elevates Kudos series. In this series, D38 seeks to highlight the dedicated individuals who help elevate the futures of every student, every day. Our hardworking staff are encouraged to submit one another for nomination by clicking here.

D38 Elevates: February 2022 Kudos

The individuals nominated this month are (In order of submission):

Eric Wall, Michael Celznick, Vincent Femia, Morris Hill, Payton Walter, Andy Stout, Davonne Johnson, Jesse Krueger, Corinne Evans, Grant Kraus, Katherine Rogers, Jennifer Hinderberger, Jessica McCallister, Annette Bass, Mary Anderson, Michael Brom, Amber Whetstine, Mark Belcher, Michelle Jewell, Tiffany Brown, Josh Hill.

Please read on to see each of their submissions.

To Eric Wall, Michael Celznick, Vincent Femia, Morris Hill, Payton Walter and Andy Stout:

You all spent hours out in the sub zero temperatures clearing the building sidewalks, stairs, and parking lots so we don’t get our feet wet or fall on our bums.

To Davonne Johnson:

Upon receiving a letter from our child’s therapist regarding her special needs, Mrs Johnson sent us the kindest handwritten note assuring us that she and LPES values our child and her unique gifts. She spent extra, unscheduled time after the 504 meeting with the therapist to make sure the school could offer their best to my daughter. She really went above and beyond.

To Jesse Krueger:

Mr. Krueger has been a huge aspect to D38. He goes above and beyond to help our students and staff. When given a task Mr. Kruger gets right on it and gets it done correct the first time. I’ve worked with Jesse for 11 years and I’ve never seen a more dedicated employee as he. He truly deserves huge kudos! Thank you Jesse for all you do.

To Corinne Evans:

Ms. Evans goes above and beyond to care for my special needs daughter, coming to check on her after scary situations like fire drills, and stayed for an extra unplanned hour with my daughter’s therapist after the 504 meeting to make sure LPES was doing their very best to support her.

To Grant Kraus, Katherine Rogers:

In his first year, Grant has created a classroom environment at LPHS for our students with significant needs. These students have immediately responded to his caring and structured classroom environment by assimilating into the school at amazing rates. His ability to work with the school staff, parents and students is second to none. He has developed trust and rapport with families that goes beyond the typical school/home relationship for the benefit of his students. The paraprofessional Katherine Rogers is also instrumental in the success of the program and needs to be included in the Kudos.

To Jennifer Hinderberger:

Jennifer always goes out of her way to support our youngest preschool students and families. She has a way of connecting and building relationships with families to pave a pathway for their young child to receive extra support. This year, you may have seen her supporting children when an extra hand is needed, covering classes when we are short staffed, and provide a listening ear to problem solve. Thank you, Jennifer, for elevating the LPSD Preschool Program for all children and families.

To Jessica McAllister:

Jess has facilitated the growth of the following pathways for secondary students in our district: Online Program, Career and Technical Education, Work Based Learning, and Concurrent Enrollment. because of her innovation, leadership, and hard work, our students and staff are earning industry certifications, college credits, and exploring their individual passions and interests.

To Annette Bass, Michael Brom, Amber Whetstine, Mark Belcher, Tiffany Brown, Josh Hill:

All Bear Creek Reads is an honored tradition for our school and we so appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to visit and share the love of reading with our students. You helped make the day a great experience for our students!

To Mark Belcher: Not sure how you find the time to always be ready to capture the district’s special moments with your camera, but it is much appreciated!

To Josh Hill: We so appreciated you stepping out of your normal role and letting the students see you in a new light!

To Mary Anderson:

You have gone out of your way to lending a helping hand at Bear Creek! Not only are you pulling the early shift, but you are working hard with the team to restore the pride in our building.

We so appreciate you going the extra mile for us!

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