Portrait of a Graduate project concludes initial phase after D38 Board of Education presentation

A student-led project to showcase and communicate universal skills gained while progressing from student to graduate of Lewis-Palmer School District 38 concluded its initial phase after interns Addison Haworth and Olivia Jones presented an update to the Board of Education.

As part of the second priority of the D38 Strategic Plan, which focuses on providing a world class education to every student, Haworth and Jones embarked upon a journey to speak to stakeholders across a number of backgrounds, including community members, business owners, students, staff, alumni and more.

“What a lot of people said is that the resources that were available for the students was a prominent thing, and they could all attest to it. Students are given resources and opportunities to grow and find help,” Jones said of the prominent feedback their team received. “Clubs and organizations were also big, and we talked to students in the middle school and they were so excited to talk about the clubs and organizations they had, and that they were able to run them themselves. And many people could attest to our students’ ability to advocate for themselves in a way not seen in students in other districts and having leadership skills.”

In their interviews, Haworth and Jones identified a list of 100 words which were used to describe D38 graduates, and the list helped formulate the first informational graphic. The pair broke the words out into words associated with four key categories, including communicator, problem solver, community member and empowered individual.

The duo then worked to pare the words down into a set of statements that all D38 graduates should be able to utilize to showcase the skills they learned throughout their education within the district. They crafted statements such as:

  • I can advocate
  • I can articulate
  • I can persevere
  • I can innovate
  • I can collaborate

The presentation marks the end of the first phase of the Portrait of a Graduate project, and moving forward, community feedback will be sought as the informational graphics are refined and finalized for use moving into the future.

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