7 middle school speech team students finalists in first tournament of 2022

Saturday, Jan. 22 saw Lewis-Palmer Middle School’s first home Speech Team tournament of the year. Students gathered at the middle school starting in the morning, along with 10 other middle school teams. The tournament spanned a total of 10 hours, including a lunch.

Rules for the middle school speech and debate tournament were similar to high school tournaments, with a few modifications. Along with the exclusion of debate events, there are only three rounds including finals. The tournaments also feature some events not available in high school, such as Creative Storytelling, Readers Theater, and Solo Acting. As with most speech team tournaments, the judges mainly consisted of volunteers and parents who were trained beforehand and judged a variety of events. Judges were also served lunch and had a private area in the teachers’ lounge.

Language Arts teacher and Speech Team coach Karen Barnard organized the tournament and commended students for their success.

“Public speaking is a fear that most people have,” Barnard said. “ The students on the Speech team have to overcome this fear and they perform in front of strangers! Some students have to memorize scripts, some have to think up what they are going to say in a limited amount of time. All students grow as speakers throughout the season and it is such a joy to watch them grow.”

Overall, the LPMS team had seven finalists across the categories, marking the tournament as a great success. 

Congratulations to the LPMS winners, listed below:

Noelle Garcia, Sami Gonzales, Brian Hawkins– Readers Theater, 4th Place

Kristin Graham, Olivia Schroeder, Kal Knowles, Izzy Vigueria– Readers Theater, 3rd

Kora O’Connor– Interpretation of Drama, 3rd

Anneka Lindeman– Interpretation of Drama, 2nd

Trigve Egnet– Solo Acting, 2nd

Avery Pilkington, Ella Merrit– Duet Acting Serious, 2nd

Julianna Wainright– Storytelling, 1st

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