D38 Elevates: January 2022 Kudos

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the D38 Elevates Kudos series. In this series, D38 seeks to highlight the dedicated individuals who help elevate the futures of every student, every day. Our hardworking staff are encouraged to submit one another for nomination by clicking here.

D38 Elevates: January 2022 Kudos

The individuals nominated this month are (In order of submission) Maren Wurster, Tom Barrett, Pam Kern, Jesse Krueger, Marinko Pantovic, Nicole Propp and Trevor Howitt. Please read on to see each of their submissions.

To Maren Wurster:

Maren must have angel wings hidden under her coat, because she has such a kind and giving heart. The latest in her acts of kindness include supporting a D38 family who has recently lost their home and providing a nourishing meal to a new district employee who is new to the area and is experiencing an illness.


Tom goes above and beyond to make our school a welcoming environment for all kids, including running a Dungeons and Dragons gaming group on Friday afternoons.

To Pam Kern:

Pam, thank you for all you are doing to support our new literacy curriculum implementation. Your coordination of Taco Tuesdays has been so helpful to support teachers and school leaders. Your hard work on writing the Comprehensive State Literacy Development grant will support our literacy improvement efforts PreK-12!

To Jesse Krueger:

As we transition with lead custodians, Jesse continues to step up to support Bear Creek even though he has a new role in the district.

To Marinko Pantovic:

Marinko has been a terrific addition to our staff! We love how he keeps our building clean and in good working condition. His attention to detail is exceptional. He leads with his heart and wants to make our school a wonderful place. Marinko is loved by both our staff and students. Thank you, Marinko!

To Nicole Propp:

Mrs. Propp stayed for over 2 hours on a Friday afternoon to help make sure a student got home safely during inclement weather.

To Trevor Howitt:

Trevor went out of his way on a cold, icy day to walk a staff member and her young daughter to her car AND then scraped her windshields! This was way above and beyond. Thank you for taking such good care of our staff, Trevor.

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