New district logo unveiled in December communication update

Lewis-Palmer School District 38 is getting a makeover in the form of a brand refresh, as unveiled by the district’s Communication Department during the Dec. 13 Board of Education meeting.

According to Mark Belcher, director of communication, the new logo honors the district’s history while allowing the district to modernize its look.

“We will leverage this updated branding as we bridge into a new marketing and communications push,” Belcher said. “This will allow us to define and explain who we are and what we do.”

The push, which will span the next calendar year, will utilize terrestrial, digital and traditional print tactics, but will introduce new tactics, including the D38 news website,, as well as a new quarterly print piece to be mailed to all district constituents.

Asked how the district will measure the success of the push, and cover the cost of new print initiatives, Belcher said the communications team, which includes Rachael Bichel, communications specialist, will monitor analytics and trends such as votes on District initiatives or Board of Education elections, as well as choice-in and opt-out student numbers. To cover the new quarterly print piece, Belcher said existing dollars would be shifted from some historically paid print placements to create this new communications tool.

District constituents can expect to see the new logo roll out digitally immediately, and in more permanent locations over the next year. The new communications and marketing push will commence in January.

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